a walk through melbourn village

wpid548-20090419-7128_hdr.jpgReally, this could be a stroll through any small English village. There will be a pub! Well, actually there will probably be several pubs. And then, appropriately, there will be a cemetery  just a few, careful steps away:


wpid550-20090419-7135_hdr.jpgYou will then stroll (or stumble) along lanes, maybe several hundred years old. This particular village dates back to the 1200s in its modern form, and there is local archeological evidence to suggest it was populated even before that. These lanes are quaint and usually imaginatively named, and at times appropriately named.

wpid554-20090419-7146-Edit.jpgOf course, at the centre of every English village you’ll find the source of cultural and religious inspiration. But we’ve already left the pub on this walk, so next we come to the church:

wpid558-20090419-7157_hdr.jpgAnd nearby, we see signs of the modern age as this sleepy place drags itself, almost reluctantly, into the industrial age… 

wpid556-20090419-7150-Edit.jpg…and acceptance of social welfare with emergency services.


4 thoughts on “a walk through melbourn village”

  1. Beautiful pictures as usual, Ant. Now I’m actually looking forward to visiting the UK again this Autumn!

    I spent Christmas 2007 in a small village in England but didn’t bring a camera so bought this ridiculously cheap thing from Tescos of all places. I’m still trying to rescue the pictures I took although I think I have one that’s OK. Every picture came out so blue I had to check if there was a setting in the camera I was missing, but there was nothing to change. I think it cost about $20 so no surprise I guess. The memory card was more expensive…



  2. Just completed an enjoyable stroll through Melbourn village. Planning a nice pub lunch at the Black Horse next weekend! Next time you are over I will take you there!

    Lovely pictures Antonio.


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