Three Shires Head, Peak District

8 October 2017

We picked up Rosie from Crewe railway station and then hurtled over to walk one of our favourite hikes in the Peak District.


As always, we start at the chimney stack overlooking the valley with the River Dane running through it. The sheep was curious and patient, but not too bothered by our presence.


Follow the river along the valley, taking care not to get stuck in the mud along the way, and eventually you arrive at one of our favourite picnic spots in the Peak District.


This lovely spot marks the meeting point of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, and so is clearly named for a good geographical reason. Enjoy our picnic facing the old packhorse bridge, and then continue on down the trail for the rest of the walk.



Rosie wasn’t too impressed with the country air, and some of the locals were getting a bit curious as to what we were up to. So we press on and follow some semblance of a “public footpath”, with the light slowly fading.



This wasn’t the first time that we had gone on a hike that took in Three Shires Head, and it won’t be the last.

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