Higgar Tor – Bolehill Wood, Peak District

29 October 2017

This was one of our favourite walks from last year. I don’t like being asked which is my favourite walk in the Peak District, because I don’t think that we have done one yet that we have been disappointed by. But this particular walk had a bit of everything: wide open vistas, peaceful woodland, flowing streams, and a beautiful sunset to end the day with.



The millstone is a symbol of the Peak District, and in this walk in the Dark Peak area you find many of them scattered across the landscape, a reminder of an industry that once used to thrive in the area. There are differences between the millstones, but I’m not expert enough to really note the difference.

The birch trees through Bolehill Wood are serene to walk through and can be kind of dreamy in the right light. (James Grant has done a much better job of capturing this than I did)




Cross the river, through the Longshaw Estate and then start heading back along a part of the Sheffield Country Walk, watching the climbers on the Burbage Rocks, and the wonderfully coiffed cows.



The GPS track of our 7 mile walk can be seen here.

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