desktop of the month – july 2011

Some readers of this blog may well recognise this months desktop calendar. If you need a clue – it’s in Europe, and a river runs through it (well, technically, to the south of it!).

Sizes available: 2560×1440, 1920×1200, 1280×854

church in santa fe, new mexico


My trip to Santa Fe in March was my first time to Southern US (I’m not counting California). This was the first time I had seen, first-hand, the Adobe architecture that this region is famed for, as characterised by this church near the centre of the town. I found it fascinating, but I was there for just 5 days (and most of the time was spent inside a hotel attending a conference) – I wondered how the residents feel living with this style over many years.

who founded this house

An interior of the altar at Ely Catherdral in Cambridgeshire, England. Very diverse lighting conditions so I took three images 2EV apart and HDR’d them in Photomatix, punched up in Nik’s Color Efex and tidied up in Lightroom.

a walk through melbourn village

wpid548-20090419-7128_hdr.jpgReally, this could be a stroll through any small English village. There will be a pub! Well, actually there will probably be several pubs. And then, appropriately, there will be a cemetery  just a few, careful steps away:


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less clarity please



One of my favourite functions in Lightroom has been the Clarity slider. It came out with version 1.3 of LR (I think) and it was an instant success in the LR blogosphere. You will find lots of hints, tips, how-to and FAQs about it on the interweb. As such I didn’t want to label as another tip as there are loads out there (even though that’s what this really is!). It’s effect is to boost the contrast in just the mid-tone regions and leave the highlights and shadows alone. I think I’ve boosted the clarity on almost all my pictures – one of the Lightroom gurus (not exactly sure who) even called this the “make my picture better” slider.

With Lightroom 2, the Clarity slider changed a bit. Instead of going from 0 to 100, the range now went between -100 to 100. Negative clarity?! eh?

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