The blackest Friday

Yesterday was Black Friday in America. Traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, it is the day when the country goes mad for bargains at the stores and malls. It marks the start of the Christmas season. It is called ‘Black Friday’ because its the one day in the year when so much shopping is done that it pushes most stores’ financial accounts for the year from the red and into the black. It means a lot to them, and more so in the current economic climate.

I’ve nothing against capitalism. Mila will tell you that I like shopping for gadgest and gear as much as any other wants-but-doesn’t-have-an-iPhone guy. But, when this happens…. something is seriously wrong with our society and values.

One thought on “The blackest Friday”

  1. We were also hoping for a black Friday here in the UK…but it did not happen. Current economic climate is dire…on a more positive note, Alex has an iphone and insists that it is one of the best gadgets he has ever owned!


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