The new Nikon Monster

There’s been a lot of fuss on the interweb this past couple of days with the release of Nikon’s newest camera, the D3X. It is being dubbed by several bloggers as a “digitial monster” – Nikon refer to is as a Digital Masterpiece. The basic specs are : 24.5 megapixels, full format (35.9mmx24mm) sensor, 138MB RAW files (!!!), 51-point AF system. There’s more but I’m running out of breadth. Why? The cost of the camera is $8000!

So forget about it! Not for mere mortals then, but clearly aimed at the high end of the market where pros could get that money back with the first image they take with the camera. I’m not really moaning at the price. It’s the market – the point is they can sell them at these prices otherwise they wouldn’t be marketing them so. And there are other camera manufacturers who do the same. For instance, you can pick up the Canon EOS-1Ds MarkIII for $6700 at B&H Photo. But if you want to go medium or large format, then check out the Hasselblad H3DII-39MS SLR Digital Camera Kit with 80mm Lens which you can pick up for a mere $44,000! Nice of them to throw in the 80mm kit lens…

It’s just like wanting the latest Porsche you see parked on the street from your 8-year old Honda Civic! I’m outside, looking in – somebody, please close the curtains! I know I shouldn’t be looking but there’s something vouyeristic about high end geek-and-gadgetary.

Comparisons are usually mundane, at times uninformative and often boring. But,  Jeff Revell at PhotoWalkPro has an interesting one (although, arguably, not very informative). Apparently, when the Kodak DCS420 Digital SLR came out in 1994, it cost $8000. It was at the very high end of digital imaging then (what happened Kodak?!) and it came with 1.5 megapixels (most crappy phones have more nowadays). Furthermore, we all know that geek-and-gadget gear gets cheaper as time and technology move on right? So, Jeff made this estimate: the D3X (and other camera’s of its monster-ilk) would have cost about $140,000 in 1994.

It’s a bloody bargain! By the way, Jeff also points out that you can pick up the DCS420 for about $69 on eBay.

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