St Abb’s Head, Scottish Borders

12 March 2017

It was Mike’s birthday and we joined him up in the Scottish borders for a great weekend of walking, merriment and gold medals (you had to be there!). I make it sound like we were small in number, but the group was maybe 30 people strong! A good turn out for the big 5-oh.


We met at St Abb’s Head for a walk around the headland with wonderful views of the coastline.


There are birds that make their home on this coastline and you can see them on all the rock formations, whether jutting out into the sea, or hanging onto the slightest of ledges and crevices on the cliff wall (I wish I could remember the name of those birds – maybe someone can tell me in the comments! – I tend to refer to all our feathered friends as “birds”…)


We stopped at the lighthouse that St Abb’s Head is famous for. Not content with a sandwich, or a slice of cake with a cup of tea, we flew kites! Given our numbers, I was surprised (and relieved!) that no kites were reported to have crashed into each other or into the power lines!



The worst part? That damned song from Mary Poppins was in our heads and refused to leave!


We headed back, climbing into and out of the valley, to be rewarded by a great view of St Abb’s itself.


Another lovely and memorable walk in the Scottish Borders.

8 thoughts on “St Abb’s Head, Scottish Borders”

  1. Yep mainly Guillemots, there might be the odd Razorbill in there too as we saw a few the day before from below. Also there was at least one kite casualty, just don’t mention it to Bob as it’s still a bit raw. Another gold medal for your photographs?

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    1. Should have taken a picture of the trig point with sign of all the birds in the nature reserve!

      No gold medal this time 😉 – too many blown highlights!


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