Mozarts Assemble

Mozarts Assemble

Looking back on days passed,
Beneath the feet of god’s decay,

Looking back on what I was,
Wishing for a new-found life,

Looking back on a three-piece game,
Each of me way back when,

Looking back at the gathered crowd,
Assemble each and everyone.

Poetry © Mira Sophia Chrysostomou

This endless land of white


This endless land of white,
From the skies above it falls,
A trail I left behind,
A blank page yet to come,
The abyss beside me lies so deep,
I barely think it land,
A single well of dreams,
A cold blanket protects,
But I cannot delay,
I must continue on my way,
Throughout nature’s domain.
Photography: Antonio
Words: Mira Sophia


a teller of tales

Fun loved pages,
Fill up my mind,
Images and words,
Become mine,
Illustrious heroes,
Next to pompous pets,
A realm of reality,
Not this but the next,
Intentions clear,
Unique to one,
The perfect end,
Before night falls,
And the world is cloaked,
With a peaceful dream,
Of silent days,
And that of teeming waves.
Words: Mira Sophia
Photography: Antonio

where my story begins

A room once filled with hope and joy,
Now lays quiet, deserted, and vacant,
The walls so bare and cold,
Stare down at me,
Giving the illusion of a prison,
The space so wide and empty,
Makes past times go away,
The hope of what tomorrow may bring,
Lies in the corner of this room,
The light shining through this window,
Shows where my path lies,
A path that suddenly ends,
Where my story begins

Words : Mira Sophia
Photography : Antonio

where the people are pleasantly strange

This desert path I follow,
Ends where the village begins,
The village small and quaint,
Where the people are pleasantly strange,
I ask around the town,
For a place to eat and sleep,
But instead I find,
That they have lost all their sheep.

Words: Mira Sophia

Photography: Antonio

(Disclaimer: I tried to get Mira to change the last line of the poem, but she refused. It is her poem after all, and she finds it amusing… which it is…)

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