Poem 2

Oh look at the rosebud,
Oblivious to its surroundings,
Like a dainty animal,
It smiles upon this world.

So innocent it seems,
A beautiful flaw in nature,
A being of creation.

It sees its fellow flowers,
Beautiful in full bloom,
It longs to join them,

To spread its flowery petals.

But it waits.
For what we do not know,
But wait it does.

The winter sun bathes the rosebud in a golden light,
And slowly, very slowly,
As if scared of the world around,
The rosebud sheds its frosty confines,
And beams upon the world,
In full bloom once again.

© Mira Sophia Chrysostomou

Western Australia, Day 1 – Geraldton

29 May 2016

This was not my first visit to Australia, but it was my first time to Western Australia, and my first opportunity to visit the Australian site for the low-frequency telescope of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). Travel the long distance from Europe to Perth (via Singapore), check into the hotel and then try to sleep it all off. The next day, a quick flight up WA’s Coral Coast to the small town of Geraldton, where the SKA’s operations centre will likely be based.

Not wanting to succumb to the jet-lag too soon, we decided to get out for a bite to eat and a stroll along the beach front. Of course, I took my camera with me.

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desktop of the month – january 2012

And so starts a new year. Happy New Year to you all.  Click the image to download.

desktop of the month – june 2011

For those of you who recognise and know the subject walking the beach on this month’s desktop calendar, will also know why June is a good month for this. Enjoy.


Sizes available: 2560×1440, 1920×1200, 1280×854



no lifeguard

We went to Richardson’s beach to look for whales, but we had no luck. It was windy, the sea was choppy and the sky was grey. The lifeguard, had already called it a day.

new year on the beach

hapunaenfusedWell, we’ve heard a lot about the rain in this and other blogs this holiday season, and so when the opportunity came for us to feel some Sun on our backs we took it. On New Year’s Day, we got together with some good friends, got some good food together and took off to Kona-side for the beach. We all had great fun and the kids (young and old) really enjoyed playing with the waves. And there were some big waves that day – as we arrived, somebody was being fitted to a neck brace and a spine board!

All afternoon, the waves were crashing against the rocks at the southern end of the beach, and I wanted to get some photos. I wanted to get some dramatic shots of the waves breaking and crashing against the rocks but by the end of the afternoon the sky had become overcast.

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