desktop of the month – august 2011

This month’s desktop image comes from our recent trip to the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado. This also explains why there has been a pause in activity on the blog and why the desktop calendar is late this month.

This scene was captured at Bear Lake. You can download the full sized image here. Let me know if you need another size.

lady on the streets of lisbon


From the decay of old and neglected streets, the Portuguese capital of Lisbon is trying to rebuild itself, in remembrance of its once glorious identity. Amidst that struggle of progress, the people maintain their pride and their dignity.

desktop of the month – july 2011

Some readers of this blog may well recognise this months desktop calendar. If you need a clue – it’s in Europe, and a river runs through it (well, technically, to the south of it!).

Sizes available: 2560×1440, 1920×1200, 1280×854

a teller of tales

Fun loved pages,
Fill up my mind,
Images and words,
Become mine,
Illustrious heroes,
Next to pompous pets,
A realm of reality,
Not this but the next,
Intentions clear,
Unique to one,
The perfect end,
Before night falls,
And the world is cloaked,
With a peaceful dream,
Of silent days,
And that of teeming waves.
Words: Mira Sophia
Photography: Antonio

an adobe hotel


The Inn and Spa at Loretto, Santa Fe. This is an opulent hotel in Santa Fe, in the very distinctive adobe style. It is not the hotel that I stayed in.

church in santa fe, new mexico


My trip to Santa Fe in March was my first time to Southern US (I’m not counting California). This was the first time I had seen, first-hand, the Adobe architecture that this region is famed for, as characterised by this church near the centre of the town. I found it fascinating, but I was there for just 5 days (and most of the time was spent inside a hotel attending a conference) – I wondered how the residents feel living with this style over many years.

desktop of the month – april 2011

Better late than never, as they say. This month’s desktop calendar comes from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was there early in March for a conference. It was my first time in Santa Fe and New Mexico, and my first exposure to the adobe style.

Sizes available: 1920×1200, 1600×1200, 1280×854

Let me know if  you need a different size for your computer screen.

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