Snow on Mauna Loa


When it does snow, we talk a lot about the snow on Mauna Kea as it’s more accessible (and perhaps more visible) from the main populated areas on the  Big Island. However, Mauna Loa also gets a decent sprinkling of snow as this picture shows (taken last week).

Summit Sunrise update


I was looking at the Summit Sunrise panorama again to see if I could do a better job of it. You see, I realised that hugin has the option of using the Panotools enfuse engine for making the blends. It makes HDR images as well although I haven’t tried it for that… yet.

The nice thing about hugin is that it generates both files for you, the normal blend and the enfused one. That allows you to compare. This one above is the enfused one and I think it does a much better job. It’s matched and dealt with the lighting changes across the field much better. No (overtly obvious) joins!

I’m even more pleased with this result.

Summit Sunrise


The image above was taken a couple of nights ago as we finished our night shift, observing at the JCMT. It’s a panoramic image, three images going left to right – can you spot the join? – taken from the summit of Mauna Kea. In the distance is Mauna Loa.

For panoramic images I use a great piece of software called hugin. It’s donationware, but it is a great piece of software and although it doesn’t always produce a final stitch product (which has only happened to me a few times) when it works, it works better than any other piece of stitching software I have used  before. I must admit though, the exposure blending didn’t work marvelously well this time (you can see the joins, right?) probably because the light changes quite quickly at that time of day.

This was a hard exposure to get right because the ground is dark and the sky is bright. I had no choice really but to expose for the sky as that’s where all the interesting detail and colours are, and hope that I could recover the rest in my Lightroom. I like the final result.

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