natural sine

This is an antique compass that we have which also doubled up as a navigation device. The list of natural sines on the back would help in calculations of a sailor’s position on the globe. I would also rather have GPS, but it just doesn’t have the same romance, does it?

H/ware: Canon 7D, Canon 500D close up lens
S/ware: Nik filters

close up woes


I’m beginning to enjoy using the Canon 500D close up lens that I got for Christmas. The best way I’ve found to use the lens (although it is a lens it is actually mounted onto the front of your normal lens just like a filter) is to have autofocus switched off and to focus manually. And you do this in two ways – with the focus ring to get you near, and then gently move your body to and fro from the subject to get the fine-focus, in this way selecting the part of the image which you want to be sharp.

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Red anthurium

red anthuriumOne of my gifts this year was the Canon 500D close up lens. I put it on my list because I’ve been interested in getting into macro photography for a while, but the macro lenses are quite expensive. This close up lens is a relatively inexpensive way to introduce yourself to macro photography and attaches to your existing lens just like a filter – it screws on.

So on Christmas day I started playing with it and took some shots of the table decorations. The picture at the top of my Xmas post was one of my first attempts and this one above, another. I’m quite pleased, but really need to get out with it (if only it would stop raining here!). In reviewing this, I wish I’d put the focus on the stamen rather than on the leaf.

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