iMac saga finally over, situation normal

The months of March, April and May were essentially written off for me. Not only do I find myself incredibly busy at work, but in the beginning of March, my iMac died a white screen of death. Two days before I was to leave for a conference in Santa Fe. So the next day, I rushed it to the local Mac Made Easy shop in Hilo, greatly concerned as I couldn’t remember if my iMac was still under warranty or not. A quick check of the records by the staff confirmed that it was, just, two months left in the warranty. Great, they would look at it, find out what was wrong, fix it, and have it ready for me on my return from conference. If only life really were that simple.

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The new MacBook Wheel?

Found this over at John Nack’s site originally from the Onion News Network. Very funny.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

As with all things geek-and-gadgetary, I’d wait for v2.0 if I were you. Apparantly, that one will be lighter “due to its lack of screen, hard drive or wheel”.

iPhone Apps to 10,000+

This is pretty amazing. Not that Apple have got 10,000+ applications now available at their App Store, that was always going to happen and 100,000 and 1,000,000 won’t be that far behind.

No, what amazes me is that somebody had the time and patience to do this: 10,000+ on Flickr – Photo Sharing! All 10,000+ icons from all 10,000+ Apps put together in a mosaic that depicts the iPhone.

Still, it’s very cool!

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