Mira’s birthday robot

I was rudely woken up this morning by an over-excitable young girl who has just this day started her 11th year of life. Jumping up and down on bed at 7am when I’m trying to recover from finishing a telecon with colleagues in the UK at 2am… grump!

And now that Operation ‘Get Grumpy Dad out of Bed’ is ‘Mission Accomplished’, what should we do?

Time for presents!

And what did we get?

A robot!?

And the robot itself is really cool! Introducing the Lego Mindstorms NXT :

_mg_5298_ijfrb _mg_5296_ijfrb

This is the first one that Mira put together. Loaded the software onto the computer and made a simple program which sent the robot in a perfect square pattern. We’re going to have fun with this… more posts to follow on this I predict.


First post

I’ve been contemplating for a while about whether I should join the blogosphere or not, and today I thought I would just take the plunge. What have I got to lose?

What am I going to blog about? Well, that depends on how I feel at the time and what I’m recently inspired by. So I’m hoping that there’ll be a variety of things, things which interest me and maybe some of you. In the main, it’ll probably be about a photograph I’ve just taken or done something with. We’ll have to wait and see…

…let the adventures begin!