Ghost on the bridge


Sometimes you just take a really bad picture. You review your images and you wonder how that happened. You wonder how you could have got the exposure wrong, how the focus can be so far out – in fact, what exactly are you focussed on? Certainly not the subject of your photograph! So press the ‘X’ key on your keyboard, forget about it – you’ll delete it later, if you ever remember to.

Then one day, maybe weeks later, maybe even years, you do stumble across that thing in your catalogue that disappointed you so. It’s still there, festering in your catalogue. Right, time to take action. Select it and press the delete key. It makes no difference whether you press the delete key hard or soft, but there is something cathartic about giving it a good, firm ‘tap’. Begone!

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my mind

My mind remains closed,

Simple to sight,

Locked away,

From those unwanted prying eyes,

I search long,

For the keys to heaven’s gate,

To share the bliss,

With creation’s great.

Words: Mira Sophia

Photography: Antonio


Trapped in my prison of a never ending tunnel,

I see the land stretch into the unknown,

The sea a speck of blue on the horizon,

How I long to fly free,

Like a bird soaring across the heavens.

Poetry : Mira Sophia

Photography : Antonio

i wish i could take my time – the book

Inspired by the photo-poem previously posted on the adventures, we have come up with a photo book based on that original idea. Hope you enjoy looking at it.

the words on this page

I lie here alone

On a bed of soft green,

The words on this page

Seep into my dream,

The loneliness I feel

Is but a delight,

As all things

Come into my sight.

Photo: Antonio

Words: Mira Sophia

the swan trap

A door set in a wall,

An entrance for a forgotten prison,

Although time has faded it, it still stands strong.

It protects those within,

The waters lap, longing to go inside,

But the door permits no entrance,

Except for the humble wanderers,

Like a symbol of hope in a hopeless world.

Words: Mira Sophia

Photo: Antonio

to take my time

The world around is full of noise

But I alone hear but all none.

The path I follow leads to where I need to go,

I wish I could take my time,

But I know that I shouldn’t

For night has almost fallen,

And as I speed along this path

The world around me fades to but a blur.

– Photo: Antonio

– Words: Mira Sophia

as i walk through this maze

Here is something new. I have started a new collaboration with my daughter. I will provide the images and she the words. Here is our first offering.

As I walk through this maze

I perceive its mystery

The main not touch, but smell

I smell the old mystery embedded in these walls

I see the imprint of its creator

I hear the wind whispering

And I know now that my five must lead me.

– Photo: Antonio

– Words: Mira Sophia

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