About me


An astronomer by profession, with an interest in photography, and a passion for footy (or ‘soccer’ if you’re that way inclined!). Of Greco-Portuguese parentage, born in Cyprus, brought up in England, two (older) sisters, one wife, one daughter, one cat, no dogs. Lives in Cheshire.


8 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Another Brit on the island? (I’m allowed to call you a Brit, aren’t I?) I’m surprised they still let us in! Of course, if you support Chelsea or Arsenal, Dad and I may have to see you off. Despite being Londoners, Dad proudly wears his Brentford socks and I mostly live in an old Michael Owen/Liverpool shirt.
    Welcome aboard, and if you ever stumble across something that doesn’t fit here in your lightroom, please drop us a line over here at Hawaii247.com.
    Cheers and Up the ‘Pool!


    1. Hi Karin,

      Thanks for the post. In fact this is our second time around here (my daughter was born here 11 years ago) and we returned again almost 2 years ago now.

      As for footy… reading through your comment I was getting worried that you were going to tell me that you were a United fan – I would’ve banned you!! 😉 I’ve been a Liverpool fan since I was 7 when me and my folks first arrived in the UK, and I first discovered that there was something that was more important than life and death!



  2. Judging by the rambling comments on your ” New Nikon Monster” entry, (and because I know you), I can safely vouch to all that you have a little more than just a mere interest in photography!

    P.S Pleased you acknowledged your sisters in your “About Me” description above, but was it entirely necessary to point out that they are older?

    Sophia 🙂


  3. Hello as google trying to find help on my printing I stumble upon a place ? were you talk about the same problem I am having – Mac OS X / 10.5.7 Computer / Adobe Lightromm 2.2 / Canon Pixma Pro9000.

    Were you able to be satisfy with this combo?



    PS – I am not sure this is a good place to ask you this question?


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