Three days in Vienna

In September of 2017, we travelled to Vienna for a city break. Our daughter was about to go off to University and so we asked what she wanted to do before going, she said a city-break in Vienna.


I had been to Vienna before, but it was many years ago when I was a student. I still carry many fond memories of those two weeks spent with my cousin, who was a student in Vienna at the time. But when you’re a young student, your agenda and timetable are a bit different to when you reach your middle ages! So we had different things in mind.


My cousin still lives and works in Vienna, so we got together and had some good ideas of where we should go and what we should visit.


Needless to say my Fuji camera was with me at all times. For this trip it was the trusty x100s, in what would turn out to be it’s last trip. Perhaps I’ll relate more of that story in another post.


We visited musems, parks, markets and the fabulous Schönbrunn Palace. The weekend market in the Naschmarkt was vibrant, colourful and busy, and a feast of opportunity for any budding streetphotographer.


As usual, I took a variety of photographs in different styles – family, travel, street – and what I show (mostly) in this post will be the street photography images from a fabulous three days in Vienna.




9 thoughts on “Three days in Vienna”

  1. Hey Ant, how’s it going?

    Loved your pictures as ever, and of one of my favourite places in the world. My mum’s side of the family are Austrian and I spent many weeks in my younger years in and around the Vienna area (most live in Leopoldsdorf just south of Vienna). I still cook Weiner schnitzel and Austrian potato salad to this day and it’s very popular!

    Please say hi to your family from me.


    1. Hi Tom – great to hear from you! Yes, I remember you saying that you are part Austrian. Hope all is going well.

      Any thoughts of getting your blog going again?


  2. Hi Ant,

    I might restart it one day. I sort of lost interest when we stopped summit operations and switched to remote mode since much of the blog was about what happened at the summit. Plus, although staffing levels are still at “minimalist mode” levels, the number of projects we support are back to the levels of ten years ago, so I don’t have the time I used to have. In addition, some of the funding nonsense we’ve gone through in the last three or four years has left me a little more cynical about things! I’m not sure I want to portray that on a blog, although I certainly used to moan about the STFC…

    Cheers, mate, hope you are doing well. I’m back in the UK mid-March but it’s a rush-job at Cambridge and Edinburgh, so not sure if there’s a chance we can meet up.


    1. Hi Tom – yeah, we need you back on the blogs, cynical or not. I tool a long break after I came back from Hawaii, and thought that I would start it again once we moved to Cheshire. Maybe it was the clean break and the fresh air, but I’m enjoying it again, and do it almost like a diary.

      Would be great if you could find the time to pop over for a day when you’re over in March. Would be good to catch up. I’m sure that Gary would love to see you as well.


  3. Thanks, Ant. I’ll drop Gary a line to see if he’s anywhere near where I’ll be. Since the US government has just shut down, I’m not so sure about plans as it involves USNO staff. We’ll see. RCUH rules everything now, much more than it did in the old JAC days. Red tape has taken over common sense and still haven’t been reimbursed expenses for a meeting I attended in September. Nevertheless, UKIRT keeps going. In the meeting, I mentioned last September, the Keck director (Hilton) even said UKIRT had taken over from Keck as the most scientifically productive telescope on the planet. It looked as though blood was being drawn from him as he spoke. It was a moment I particularly enjoyed!


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