Wharfedale, Yorkshire Dales

1 June 2017

We spent a couple of great days with M&K hiking in the Yorkshire Dales. The first day we stayed quite local to the Landmark house we were staying in, and took in a circular walk from Yockenthwaite to Buckden, coming back along the River Wharfe.

The ViewRanger track of this (almost) 8 mile walk is at this link.


The walk started with a climb uphill, a prerequisite to earn your sandwich, tea and cake.


We were delighted witha walk through woodland with aromatic wild garlic carpeting the ground either side of the path.


And the view of the landscape are always wonderful in this part of the world. Why else do we keep getting back out there?


If you’re in the area, try the White Lion for lunch or dinner. Try a drink from their extensive selection of gins. Try four…


Someone out there must know what kind of plane this is in the image above. We were definitely surprised to find it flying so low through the valley. The lambs on the other hand – not surprised by their presence, or cuteness.

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