Oxton Loop, Scottish Borders

28 January 2017

Back in January I had the opportunity to combine a work trip to Edinburgh with a weekend visit with our good friends who live in the Borders. M & K had confidently organised a nice coastal walk, a confidence that came from the fact that, as seasoned walkers and hikers, they had checked the weather forecast. And we checked again on our devices after dinner that Friday evening. OK, it was going to be a bit windy and maybe it would rain for a bit, and we’d be lucky to see the sun through the think grey cloud. But nothing to sidetrack our plans.

Woke up the next morning and the landscape had turned white.


Give the weather forecasters a break – two out of three isn’t bad. It was (kind of) wet, and we certainly couldn’t see the Sun through the grey cloud (and fog). Wear an extra layer, a thermos for tea and, of course, cake. Ready and prepared – off we went.


Snow, sheep, snow, Belties (that’s the cow!) and snow.


You can tell from some of the images here that the snow cover wasn’t as thickly laid along our 6-mile hike. It became clear later in the day, that this was a remarkably isolated snowfall. Should we feel lucky or unfortunate? It was unexpected and we had a great time, so overall I think we were lucky and fortunate.


[I’m trying out some new Lightroom print layouts for this blog post. I would love some feedback in the comments on how they come across on your devices.]


4 thoughts on “Oxton Loop, Scottish Borders”

  1. Love this take on the landscape, monochrome looks great. Now I’m even more looking forward to our extended holidays in Scotland later on. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    warm greetings from Norfolk and Norway. x

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    1. Thank you @Dina – great to hear from you. Expect more as we spent a couple of days hiking in the Scottish Borders last week (no snow though!). I love Scotland, and so will you!

      Liked by 1 person

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