Chrome Hill, Peak District

21 August, 2016

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It was later than usual for us when we decided to go for a walk, so we decided to go for one that was relatively short, but also to go into a region of the Peak District that we hadn’t gone to before. So a quick hunt around using ViewRanger and we came across this walk just south of Buxton, starting from the village of Hollinsclough. We didn’t know it at the time, but Chrome Hill and its neighbour, Parkhouse Hill, are quite iconic amongst walkers of the Peak District.

The GPS route of our 4-mile walk can be seen on our ViewRanger page.

Our walk started in the village of Hollinsclough and headed straight into muddy fields before finding a track. Impressive views of Chrome Hill from the start. Apt that it also known as The Dragon’s Back.

You first come up to Hollins Hill and it tried to tempt us to climb it. It did look like a gentle climb! But we ignored that temptation and kept on our track.

There was another couple that clearly could not ignore that temptation. The views from the top of Hollins Hill must be spectacular, and feeling only a little bit envious of them, we vowed that we would return and do that climb. This would not be the last vow we would make that day.

It’s not as if we didn’t have spectacular views on our route. We did.

Rounding Stoop Farm and skirting Tor Rock, we began to ascent the Dragon’s Back.

Out of the Peak District walks that we’ve done so far, this one probably had the narrowest ridge we’ve had to walk along. And that just makes you feel higher. Vertigo anyone?

Climbing to the top of Chrome Hill

Have I said that the views are spectacular?


Sheep. Again. This particular pair were quite indifferent to our presence and seemed a bit put-out that they’d been disturbed from their meal.

We stayed at the top for the obligatory selfie, and to just to take it all in. There is a lot to take in.


The descent was easier than the climb. We came across what I have since began to realise is quite an iconic tree at the bottom of Chrome Hill. Just do the Instragram search to see.

Parkhouse Hill ahead of us looked beautiful in the afternoon light.

Parkhouse Hill

And the second vow of the day, to return and climb Parkhouse Hill – although this one I fear presents a much greater challenge than Hollins Hill.

Into Stannery Farm and finally it’s time to stop for a tea and sandwich break, by a cute bridge over a small stream. From there, a follow the signs back to Hollinsclough and the end of our walk.

We thought that this would be a quick little walk to fill our afternoon with, and an interesting hill to climb in the middle. But it really made an impression on us. We will return, and as we continue to discover the beauty of the Peak District, this may turn out to be one of our favourite walks in the Peaks.

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