Mallerstang – Hell Gill, Yorkshire Dales

12 August, 2016

This was our first adventure into the Yorkshire Dales. On this hike we would see sculpture, lunch by a waterfall, follow rivers, walk past barns in fields and, of course, be studied by sheep.

The GPS track of our (almost) 6.5 mile walk can be found on my ViewRanger account. We were meeting up with Mike and Karen just south of Outhgill to start our walk along a section of Lady Anne’s Way, following the Penine Bridleway.


We start on a gentle incline. The weather was wet – not because it was raining, no – I insisted, it’s just that the clouds happened to be laying quite low on this day.

At the top we reach the Water Cut sculpture, by Mary Bourne, one of the 10 Eden Benchmarks located along the length of the River Eden. Mike and I try to take pictures while keeping our camera equipment dry.

From the Water Cut, we descend till we meet the River Eden and then follow it.

And soon we find a wonderful little spot to enjoy our lunch – Hell Gill Force, reportedly the highest waterfall on the River Eden. Cue a cliché picture of a waterfall.

Cliché it may be, but I’m very pleased with myself that I was able to take these hand-held, no tripod. I’m even more amazed that the three managed to stay still for a full quarter-of-a-second.

Treading as carefully crossing the river as choosing the right sandwich to eat, and then follow the trail with the beautful Eden valley ahead of us. Soon we reach the second waterfall on this trail, at Hanging Lund.


The following are photographs of sheep. There were many on these hills. If you do need to see more pictures of sheep, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Below, meet “The Committee”. Their terms of reference are either to judge us, or, to make sure we made our way past – safely or otherwise.

The Committee

The weather did improve into the afternoon, and before we finished the hike we stopped at a bridge under which the River Eden runs, drank a nice cup of tea and enjoyed the beautiful view back down the Eden Valley.

It is so important to stop and just look at the world around you. Especially if it looks anything like this.

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