One town, One mile, One camera – Chester

I’m taking some time off this summer, along with the rest of you, but unlike some I will not be going too far away. Last week, for instance, it was a day trip into Chester to look around the historic town, do some light shopping and take my camera out for some street photography.


Chester still has the old walls along which the Romans used to patrol, and you are still able to do the same or take a tour with a group. With Chester being quite close to us, we decided to have a quick look from the high vantage point, but to leave wall-walking to our next visit.

So we hit the streets around the town centre, near the town hall and the cathedral area. Easily keeping within my one mile limit, trying to capture the variety of people walking the streets.

As with any town, there are many characters walking around town, each with a story to tell or to imagine.

Musicians tell their own stories.

And the quiet streets and alleyways provide a place of respite for others to escape their stories.

I like Chester. It’s history stretches back to before the Romans. It’s people are friendly and there’s lots to see and do.

My favourite moment from the day is these three individuals sitting outside the town hall. What the image doesn’t show is what’s happening out of frame. To the left (their right) a vintage-looking car has just driven onto the square, where a bride has just got out and presented herself to the gathering crowd. These three amigos do their very best not to be impressed. Much respect!


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