One town, One mile, One camera – Edinburgh

A good friend of mine recently challenged me on Facebook to a 7-day B&W challenge. Take a single black & white image each day, for seven consecutive days, and post it on Facebook, and at the end pass on the challenge by nominating someone else. There are lots of these challenges around and I’m not normally a fan of them, but I felt different about this one.

I was spending the week in Edinburgh for a conference, so I wouldn’t have much time to explore the streets or spend sight-seeing. Opportunities for photography would be few and far between. Instead, the bulk of each day would be spent within the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, listening to people talk and talking to other people.

So there was a double challenge – the challenge itself and the challenge of fitting it into the time I had walking between the venue and my hotel, and the hotel to wherever we may be having dinner that evening.

But I did have a card up my sleeve – this is Edinburgh. Anything is possible from a creative standpoint.

I am happy to say that I did manage to complete the challenge and the images I captured are scattered through this post. I’m even happier that these photographs were probably all taken within a mile or so of each other.

So did I learn anything? Only that constraining your options for creativity can actually force your creativity and observation skills to new places. In my case, this 7-day project was constrained by one town, one mile and one camera (my iPhone in this case).

Feeling in a creative rut? Then just give this type of challenge a try. Reduce your options. Lessen the opportunities. But have a goal.

3 thoughts on “One town, One mile, One camera – Edinburgh”

    1. The iPhone is quite a good camera, but the apps behind it are just as important. For me, the Lightroom mobile camera is just the best. I think it is available for Android.


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