iMac saga finally over, situation normal

The months of March, April and May were essentially written off for me. Not only do I find myself incredibly busy at work, but in the beginning of March, my iMac died a white screen of death. Two days before I was to leave for a conference in Santa Fe. So the next day, I rushed it to the local Mac Made Easy shop in Hilo, greatly concerned as I couldn’t remember if my iMac was still under warranty or not. A quick check of the records by the staff confirmed that it was, just, two months left in the warranty. Great, they would look at it, find out what was wrong, fix it, and have it ready for me on my return from conference. If only life really were that simple.

The Mac Made Easy guys, for whom I have gained a lot of respect over this issue alone, tried their very best to work with Apple to find what was wrong. Luckily, my hard drive was OK and all the data on it was intact. So of they checking all the boards, power supplies and widgets they possibly could. Apple sent replacement parts (sometimes the wrong ones!) but nothing would exhume my machine from it’s white-screened grave. Of course, I’d returned from  my conference by then and the Mac Made Easy guys had agreed to give me a lone machine – a 21-inch iMac, with smaller CPU and memory than I was used to, and the loudest fans that I have ever heard on a computer, and that were always on to boot (but of course, this machine had the advantage over mine in that it could boot!). It was not an easy machine to work with and so I didn’t.

Six weeks later, the Mac Made Easy guys and I were getting frustrated with Apple and I decided to escalate it further. I call Customer Service and got bounced around a few people, until finally I reach Jim. Jim is a Senior Somebody in Apple Customer Care – finally I found somebody who could actually make a decision on my case. He said he would look into it but it would take him a day or two. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Jim the next day. He confirmed a few details with me and confirmed that indeed 6 weeks is too long to wait to have your machine fixed and that we would need to resolve the problem immediately. He would speak to his superiors to confirm a replacement machine (wait – what! I thought you were a Senior Somebody, Jim?!)

The next day, Jim got back to me and confirmed that my machine would be replaced. But given that Apple no longer made the 24-inch model that I had, they would have to replace it with the next model up, the 27-inch iMac. Cool!

Two weeks later….. still no machine. Phone calls, emails, what’s going on. I eventually got through to a Junior Somebody who told me that my shipment was delayed by a week. Why? Oh wait! Didn’t Apple just announce the new Quad-Core machines? Am I getting one of them….?

Junior Somebody wasn’t sure, but despite his minor rank he still possessed means and ways. Several tap-tap-taps on a keyboard, and the resounding “Yes sir!” at the other end of the line was all I needed. It’ll be in Hilo at the Mac Made Easy store within 10 days. I’d waited 6 weeks, I could wait 8 right? Especially for one of the brand new iMacs, right? Damn right I could!

Into the ninth week and I was still 27-inches short on my desk. ‘Cmon Mac Made Easy guys, wheres my machine? The Mac Made Easy guys made phone calls, and discovered that Apple had shipped the machine to Kailua. Oh, bummer. But that’s Kona, and that’s only on the other side of the island, so it’ll be here soon, right? Errm, no, Kailua on Oahu, and those Mac Made Easy guys decided to go the Hard way and shipped it to Hilo on the barge and now nobody could locate it!!! Nooooooooo!

But I forgot, the Mac Made Easy guys are cool. We don’t usually do this, but you can have one from our stock that’s just arrived. We’ll square it with Apple, and when the other eventually arrives we’ll all be cool.

So, TEN WEEKS later, I have my new 27-inch quad-core iMac on my desk. Was it worth it….. oh yeah!

June is a new month, and we’re back to normal and because it’s a new month, we have a desktop calendar to kick me off again!





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