wailua rainbow

We visited the Wailua Falls in Kauai on New Year’s Eve. These 80-ft falls are quite majestic and powerful. On this particular visit, we arrived in the early afternoon, and the Sun was at the right angle to cast this lovely rainbow from the mist created by the falls.

I used a long(ish) exposure on this image above – closing the aperture down to f/22 and the exposure set to 3 seconds. Of course I used a tripod, and the proof is in the image… there’s the camera’s shadow to the bottom left of the image!

The reason for the long exposure was not just an attempt to capture the power of the falls, or to transform the torrent of water into milky smoothness. I noticed that the mist that was being created by the falls was naturally broken up and not uniformly distributed as it travelled across the lake at the bottom of the falls. So the intention with the long exposure was to capture a more vibrant and fuller rainbow as that mist “travelled” through it.

Finally, an apology, I just can’t resist throwing in a black and white image. Wasted on the rainbow so a close up study of the falling water.


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