kelvingrove art gallery and museum

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is located very near the University of Glasgow buildings, where I was in April for the UK National Astronomy Meeting. I found it to be a very good gallery with lots of nice works. For me the best piece in there is the original Christ of Saint John of the Cross, by Salvador Dali. A truly stunning piece of artwork.

I’ve posted two very similar images here of what is supposed to be the front entrance to the museum, but most people use the back as the main entrance now. I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the black and white or the colour treatment. I was lucky with the bird in the black and white image above, and I’m leaning towards that image so I gave it top billing.

(In case you haven’t noticed!) These are HDR images, which I took handheld : three images 2EV apart, my 7D set to High speed continuous to take the three images as quickly as possible. Tonemapped in Photomatix, and then a combination of Nik Software’s Color Efex and Silver Efex for the final images.

The image below is of the museum and gallery with the River Kelvin flowing past.

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