mana road

While the rest of the island was being deluged by the storms this weekend, we decided to go on an excursion along the Mana Road. This is a road which skirts around the northeastern edge of Mauna Kea, between Waimea and the Mauna Kea Access Road. We went to Waimea, joined up with some friends and spent a few hours driving and exploring along the Mana Road.

We hadn’t been along the Mana Road before and we were keen to go and explore. Furthermore, despite the thunder and lightning that we had experienced the previous evening, the weather forecast had (incredibly) predicted that the skies over Waimea would be clear and sunny – yeah, right!

It was wet and grim, but I must admit that the mist and fog made for some atmospheric photography.

(Photography taken with a Canon 7D and processed in Lightroom and Nik Software)

6 thoughts on “mana road”

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  2. Hey Antonio, I didn’t notice you had a 7D with you! That’s on the top of my wish list, just can’t wait to have the option to do video w it. Very nice photos, they came out super smooth and make great B&Ws.
    see you at the next photo club meeting,


    1. Hi Chris! Thanks. It’s a super-nice camera (early Xmas present from me…. to me!) and still learning to use it to its best ability. Haven’t played too much with the video option as yet.


  3. Aargh, I’m so jealous. We have been planning to do that trip for a long time. Then our 4WD broke down and it just didn’t happen before we left. This is one of the things we really want to do when we come back.


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