paper books rise up to the e-book challenge

I don’t know where John Nack finds these videos but they are great. This is no exception, a video from the New Zealand Book Council to remind people that books are still very much alive and carry more character and personal involvement than an e-book device. I’m not saying that I agree or advocate books over e-books or vice-versa (but think of the trees we could save by not printing books…). What I am saying is that I am amazed by this video. The artistry, craftmanship, patience that must have gone into making this video is to me just, and I hate to use this word, awesome. But what other word can I use? I am in awe of whoever can do this kind of art. Enjoy.

Please click here to see the video, it is worth it!

(Unless I’m doing something wrong, WordPress will not allow me embed this video into the post which is bloody annoying and stupid if you ask me (I know, you’re not asking…). It seems that you can only embed youtube and google videos, even though the  web site hosting the video is freely giving the embed html code to include into your web site. When I try it here, it’s not parsed by the WordPress engine. Blah!)


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