photography from around the net

No, I’m not going to do all photography from around the interweb – ya think I got time for that?! Here I have just two links (both of which I stumbled upon on Rob Galbraith’s blog) which I found interesting for different reasons.

The first is from Time magazine: The top 10 doctored photos. They show the before and after. Normally this wouldn’t attract me – people do this sort of manipulation in Photoshop countless times every single day. But each of the photos shown have a historical importance which makes them worth looking at. Two things which I found fascinating. First, is how good the “art” of photo-manipulation was more than 100 years before Photoshop. The older photographs are the ones which interested me most. Secondly, I can’t believe that we have modern-day governments still doing this sort of thing (see the last image)!

The second is from the Smithsonian: The 6th Annual photo contest. There are 5 categories and you can see the finalists and category winners from each. The overall winner is from the travel section, and although I think it is a great image, I do not think that it is the best one. And therein lies something else to learn about photography, it is very subjective.


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