rio in mist


Photographically speaking, my trip to Rio in August wasn’t much to write home about. I did have one day up at the iconic Cristo Redentor on Corcovado. But while all the other tourists were clamoring to get a view of the Christ with his outstretched embrace to the people of Rio, I preferred the view over the city and towards the distant hills. I found the blanket of fog/mist/smog which was trying to envelop the city visually appealing. The distant hills, floating above the haze gives a nice frame to the image.

Note the structure towards the bottom right of the image. The Maracana. The world famous home of Brazilian football (i.e. soccer) where the faithful go to worship and absolve themselves of their weekly sins. On a Sunday afternoon, I joined the congregation to watch the Flamengo v Corinthians game, one of the biggest games on the calendar. A fantastic experience.


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