the committed photographer

I posted yesterday about how inspiring I found the landscape photos of Scottish photographer, Bruce Percy. This time, I want to sing the praises of black & white photographer Brooks Jensen (the editor of Lenswork magazine). Just over a year ago he started a project called The New 100 Prints Project, whereby he would create a new print every three days for a year. Brooks explains his motivation for this project.

It seems remarkable to me that anybody can have this level of dedication and focus to stick to a goal such as this, especially with all the other distractions that are part of the modern world we live in. It demonstrates a unique sense of commitment – a common trait that I am noticing in the work of a lot of professional photographers, both from the past and contemporary (go look at Bruce Percy again and see what he dedicates and commits himself to, just to get the perfect image that he envisions in his mind).

A good friend of mine and accomplished professional photographer recently lectured me on what it takes to succeed as a photographer. This was in the context of the difference between Fine Art Photography and photography (the capitalisation is intentional). To be a Fine Art Photographer you need to understand and demonstrate four things in your photography: Interest, Theme, Intent and Commitment.

A good Fine Art Photographer should be able to show the first two or three of these in their photography. A great one, can show you all four.


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