the yellow fields of england

wpid509-field1.jpgI’ve just returned from England (well, it was last week!). As I was being driven from the airport to the village my family live in, I realised one of the things that I do miss of England – springtime. And one thing about springtime in particular, the yellow fields that seem to carpet the landscape at this time of year. They seem to be quite predominant in the south-east of England, in particular. The plant in question is the rapeseed and farmers cultivate it for its oil, and it’s also used to manufacture biodiesel.

I’ve always thought this to be a beautiful flower, purely because of the vibrant colour and the wonderful way they paint the landscape when they are in full bloom. Then I found out that they are a part of the cabbage family, which ruined any romantic notions I had.

These fields are just two minutes walk from where my parents live.


6 thoughts on “the yellow fields of england”

  1. Beautiful colours, Ant, although I have to admit I’m not a fan of rapeseed as it’s not particularly traditional “English” and a little unnatural, but it does make for good photos. Reminds me of home as well (Berkshire). Hopefully I’ll have the chance to visit the UK in the Autumn so will try and get some colourful shots then. I’ll be at the Nottingham campus which I don’t know if you’ve visited, but is particularly gorgeous!

    PS. I can see some seams in that first panorama! 😉 Six different positions?



  2. Hey Tom. I agree with you – it’s just the way that the plant paints the landscape that I like.

    Yeah, I noticed those seams when I loaded up the image. I could swear that they weren’t there on the original panorama. So I wonder whether the jpeg compression has accentuated those slight imperfections – really obvious on the sky – not happy!! Second one’s a bit better.


  3. The English countryside is so beautiful especially when the sun shines! I love looking at the yellow rapeseed fields but you should see the lavender fields…they are absolutely beautiful!


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