rainbow over hilo

wpid478-20090406-6873-hdr.jpgI received a beautiful reminder of why we love living on these islands. I went to the bayfront on Monday morning (I took the day off) with the aim of experimenting with HDR photography. Driving up to Coconut Island it started raining and I thought “oh no, rain again”. It seemed such a nice morning as well. 

But I decided that given that this is Hilo, the rain would pass soon. So I parked the car, chose my spot, set up my camera on the tripod, sat under an umbrella and started taking some test shots. And then what developed in front of my eyes, made my day. As the rain cloud made its way over the bay and towards the town the sun started to poke its head from around the clouds that were still laying over to the east. And as it did so, it created this beautiful rainbow you see in the image above.

As they say in Hawaii – “No rain, no rainbows”!


3 thoughts on “rainbow over hilo”

  1. I have a good memory and I still remember you berating me for taking lunchtime off to take a photo of Hilo Bay, and now you take the entire day off! Dear me…

    Seriously, that’s a wonderful photograph and my only question is where exactly did you take it from? I’d like to have a go from there myself one day.


    1. Tom,

      I took this photo from a spot near the parking lot for Coconut Island. From where I took this photo the bridge and island was over to the right.

      I must say, it was pretty exciting to see this rainbow develop and get brighter as the sun got out. I’ve got a few more which I might also put up including a panoramic which I took across the bay just before the rainbow faded out.


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