now you can pano-sweep

Sony have introduced a new camera which has a panoramic mode with a difference. A panoramic mode is available on most point-and-shoot cameras but they still involve taking separate images which are then later stitched together in software. With the new Sony HX-1, you can take panoramic photos that are stitched together within the camera – but there’s a difference. You take the panorama by sweeping the camera across the vista you want to capture! Really cool (if you have a steady hand or tripod handy)! Sony calls it Sweep Panorama Technology.

The This Week In Photography (TWIP) blog has posted a short movie on it (click ‘Download M4V file’), shot at PMA2009.


6 thoughts on “now you can pano-sweep”

    1. On MY computer?? The movie just looks like a, well…. movie! Are you saying you can take that and make it into a panoramic? That I’d like to see.


  1. If you click the word example in my comment you can see the process of stitching the frames together. The last frame of the movie _is_ the resulting panorama (of course the real result has a better resolution that the youtube video).


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