oh my…


..oh my, oh my… look what I learned to do with Photomatix Pro! 

(You can see the original at this post.)

P.S: just a disclaimer. It’s not that I like what I’ve done to my image, it just that I’ve always wondered how these effects are made – and now I know…..

2 thoughts on “oh my…”

  1. While your working with your photo tools… and learning things… I bet you might be able to make that FBI Button fade into the background of your blog by dropping the brown color that’s on the edges of the island to match the color of your blog.

    Just a thought. Cool picture … I wish I had photographic talents. Sheesh for that matter… I wish I had more then a $100.00 camera!


  2. I can do all sorts of special photographic effects without even using a photo editor – believe me!

    And of course they were all deliberate. Ahem.

    PS. Damon – I know money is short right now, but you can get a pretty decent camera that has most of the DSLR features for around $200 these days. You won’t be able to take pictures like Ant (as I have learned) but you will be able to take some damn decent ones nevertheless.



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