success at sparky’s


This was a long (and very rainy) weekend. This weekend we took part in the 22nd annual Charles “Sparky” Kawamoto Swim Meet, held every year at the Hilo municipal pool. The event is run as an ABC event, which means that no swimmer is allowed to enter an event if they already have a time which is faster than a certain standard (the next level above being a AA time, and then State QUALifying time). So this event has two benefits – it gives the younger swimmers a chance to compete with others at their own level and to have a taste of success, and it gives swimmers a chance to try events that they wouldn’t normally attempt at a normal event (where you are restricted to 4 events per day – and one of those can usually include a relay). Swimmers from clubs across the whole State of Hawaii come to this event every year.

For Mira, her events this year (having aged up into a new age group before Xmas, she had more choice than most) were the 50yd Butterfly, 100yd Butterfly, 100yd Backstroke and 100yd Individual Medley. Apart from the 50yd Butterfly, none of these are events that she would normally compete in during the course of a season. She also competed in two relays. Overall, she had an excellent weekend, achieving AA times in all her events, winning 3 outright, coming second in another and setting a new record in the 100yd backstroke!!

3 thoughts on “success at sparky’s”

  1. WELL DONE Mira and CONGRATULATIONS! Pappou, Avo and Tereza are very proud of you. We all wished we were there to see you compete.


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