pu’u o’o trail


A few weeks back we hiked the Pu’u O’o Trail, which starts from the 22-mile marker on the Saddle Road. It’s a really nice hike which takes you in and out of forests of ohia trees and open lava fields. 


We came across some berries which I cannot name. Of course, this is going to cause havoc to my tagging and keywording, so if there is anybody out there who recognises them and knows what they are called, then please leave me a comment!


We have to do this hike again, simply because we didn’t complete it. Nevertheless, there and back again made it more than a 4-hour hike, and Mira only began to moan about it after 3 hours – not bad for an 11-year old I think.

It was ever so peaceful, with the only interruptions to the silence being birdsong.


8 thoughts on “pu’u o’o trail”

  1. That’s funny. It wasn’t the 19th of January, was it? That’s when we did that hike.
    It is indeed beautiful and peaceful there. We could see the snow on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa whenever we got to an open space.
    We didn’t make it either because it took to long for Bram, so we took a shortcut to the power line road. Of course he did get carried most of the way 🙂


  2. … a cool berry is the common blackberry growing on a thorny bush. The fruit grows in compact bunches. Whereas the fruit fruit in the foto grows as a single fruit.


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