uma uma waterfall

umauma1The Uma uma waterfalls are situated in the World Botanical Gardens, about 17 miles north of Hilo. It’s a three-tiered waterfall where each tier of the waterfall falls into a tranquil pool before cascading on to the next tier.

There is a $6 entrance fee (Kama’aina, $13 for visitors) which isn’t bad, and for that you get the waterfalls, a walk through rain-forest and the gardens. The jewel in the crown is clearly the waterfalls – if you want rain forest and exotic floral variety, I would recommend the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden in Onomea Bay (sorry, don’t know the prices).

A selection of some other pictures that I took are below.



umauma4You can see that I was experimenting with taking long exposure shots to get the flow of water. The staff need to do some tree trimming in the gulch down there!!


3 thoughts on “uma uma waterfall”

  1. Sweet memories. The photos look good but blurness is noticeable, especially in the close up photos, in the trees and the rocks, unless ofcourse this is caused by my computer.


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