National Geographic Traveler photo contest winners

National Geographic have posted the winners of their photo contest. You can see the winners and runners-up by following the link below.

Photo Contest Winners Photo Gallery – National Geographic Traveler.

I think all the photographs are really good but I find the Grand Prize Winner to be the weakest of the lot! Maybe it’s me…


8 thoughts on “National Geographic Traveler photo contest winners”

  1. I agree with your comment about the grand prize winner, rather underwhelming when compared to the rest. I liked the Bhutan one, “Kingdom in clouds”, 3d place. And the series could use a reordering …

    – “Kingdom in the Clouds” Kimberly Walker, Evansville, Indiana;

    – Leigh Esty, Miami Beach, Florida (Eiffel tower);

    – “Great Egret with Nesting Material” Daniel Cedras, Homestead, Florida;

    – random order of the rest


  2. Thanks for your opinions. I myself liked most (in nor particular order):

    – kingdom in the clouds
    – the cat and the flying ant
    – the girl looking for tigers (with sleepy dog not impressed!)
    – 3 men in india

    The one that caught my attention the most was the shipwreck. I like that dark, long exposure, landscape look. I was impressed by how the photographer had resisted temptation to go with a black & white effect (I’m not sure I would have!).


  3. The cat and flying ant won it for me. I also liked 3 men in india. Impressed with shipwreck image but not sure how true an image that is…perhaps more convincing if it was in black and white


  4. Sophia, that is interesting comment about the convincibility of an image by virtue of it being shown in black & white. Do you get the impression that the image has false or highly manipulated colors?


  5. Parv, I believe that there is an element of both…but that is just my personal opinion as a non expert and a complete amateur on the subject of photography!


  6. My Grandparents and Mom were featured in a National Geographic in the Sixties.

    They were doing some Federal work on the Island of Yap and National Geographic chronicled some of the stuff they were doing.

    I still have a copy of the edition somewhere.


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