“it’s a bit breezy”

This was a quote from our observer of the past few nights as I talked to him last night. They had just abandoned the summit because of the high winds. It is now Saturday morning and, as is customary for most Mauna Kea astronomers, I checked the weather page.

This is what I found in the UH88 panel.

uh88windspeedI don’t know if the UH88-inch telescope’s anemometer has got stuck or is broken, but I suspect that it has as 125 mph seems really high to me, especially as you compare to what is currently being measured at the other telescopes. I’ve just tried a couple of reloads over the past 10 minutes and all of the other numbers have updated slightly, except for the wind speed. Comparing to UKIRT (which is next door to UH88-inch) the wind is ONLY at 50 mph.

Looking at the JAC’s meteogram we can see the wind speeds measured at UKIRT and JCMT over the course of the night.

ukirtwindspeedThe line at the top is UKIRT and that below is JCMT (which lies in the valley below and west of the summit and so usually registers lower wind speeds). It seems like we hit a peak of 90 mph last night and its about 60 mph as I write this.

I guess it’s fair to say that there is still a stiff breeze blowing.


2 thoughts on ““it’s a bit breezy””

  1. The UH 88-inch anemometer always reads far too high – look again on a night when the wind is calm! The MKWC site has it as possibly iced.

    The wind is on a downward trend tonight but UKIRT is still getting the odd gust above 90-mph.


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