lightroom tip – rounded photo border

oldcartI stumbled across something in Lightroom while looking at some images that I took a few months ago. It’s the ability to put a rounded photo border around an image, whether for web or print. I thought I would ‘tip’ about it.

Everybody that uses Lightroom probanbly knows that you can place a stroke border around your image in the print module. It’s something that I find adds a nice touch to printed images. What I found is that there is also a way of adding a rounded border to the image which you can have available for any medium, not just for prints.

You need to use the Post-Crop sliders in the Vignettes section of the Develop module. Push all the sliders over to the left to give that rounded border you can see in the image above. 


If you’d prefer to have a rounded white border, just push the Amount slider all the way over to the right. 

That’s it – a simple thing really.


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