robin and the rainbow friends

Robin and Mira

One of the Christmas presents that Mira received from us was the adoption of a dog, called Robin, from the Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary, based in Kurtistown just outside Hilo. Yesterday was the first opportunity we had since Christmas to make our first visit. I must say that I was really impressed by the facilities and the amount of care and space that each animal has. Rainbow Friends is a non-kill animal sanctuary and all the animals are well taken care of. They take in dogs & cats which haven’t had a slice of luck in life, care for them and then try to find new homes for them if they can.

The adoption scheme we went for allows us to visit Robin at least once a week. We met Robin for the first time yesterday. She is very gently and friendly and at 7-years she still has lots of energy (yes, she has a boy’s name!). Robin has lots of friends to play with at the Sanctuary and lots of space to play in. To get to know her better, we took her for a long walk in and around the grounds.

robinmira3robinmira4As we are still living in rented accommodation whose contract doesn’t allow us to keep pets (we do have a goldfish though ….shhh) adopting Robin in this way is the next best thing. And we are helping out a good cause. The Sanctuary needs as much support as it can get. All the people that work there are volunteers (the Sanctuary cannot afford to pay anybody) and the dedication of the volunteers is remarkable and admirable. If you are able to help in anyway then visit their website to make a donation, or go along to the Sanctuary and maybe even adopt an animal for yourself.

When Robin met Mira for the first time
Meeting for the first time

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