Aloha Christmas…

xmas-tweeWe had a really good christmas this year and Santa was good to all of us. We somehow managed to get ourselves onto the right list – a clerical error perhaps?

As reported by Tom, the weather throughout the Xmas period was very wet and stormy. Not just rain but thunder and lightning also, which kept us awake for most of Christmas night. We were getting up to 1-2 inches of rain per hour at the height of the downpour. I didn’t realise how bad it was until I read the following on the weather underground web page:

… Record daily maximum rainfall set at Hilo Airport…

A record rainfall of 9.84 inches was set at the Hilo Airport
yesterday. This breaks the old record of 3.56 inches set in 1981.

That’s almost THREE TIMES more rain than the previous record! But at least we on the Big Island kept our power. On Oahu  power was lost last night and as I write this at around midday, power is only just coming back to parts of the island.

The reason this concerns us is that we leave for Oahu in just a couple of hours. As a surprise present this Xmas, I got tickets for us to go and see a performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony by the HSO at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall. One day soon, I may show you the picture of the moment when I made my wife cry on Christmas morning!



5 thoughts on “Aloha Christmas…”

  1. Just in case you’re not aware, that rainfall record is only for 26th December. Even some of the local TV news stations seem to have got the wrong idea. The actual record for Hilo in any 24-hour period is much higher than 9.8 inches! Still, around a foot of rain in 24-hours is pretty impressive!

    I can’t remember, were you still here for the great storm in Nov 2000? The last couple of days have been nothing more than a few gentle showers compared to that!


    1. Hi Tom. I was in a hurry to finish the blog post as we had a flight to catch. Yes, I’m aware of what you say and I also found it hard to believe that a paltry 9 inches was some sort of record, given that just last year we had over 50 inches of rain over the course of one weekend, but I think that was mainly up at Waikea Uka. And I think that’s the point – this must have been a record for just the Hilo airport. It must matter where you make the measurements and I’d imagine that rainfall would be less closer to the coast than it is mauka. I just took the statement at face value.

      Got back today and at the airport we got drenched through just running across the road to to the car park! Did it stop raining at all this weekend?


  2. As you now know the record was simply for 26th December and yes, location makes a big difference! It didn’t stop raining here over the weekend but at least on Sunday it was back to wet trade wind stuff rather than continuous drenching rainfall.

    What’s a bit concerning is that the long-range forecast a month or two ago had Jan-Feb 2009 as particularly wet, so if it’s right we have a lot of rain to look forward to! The MKWS forecast for the next week isn’t so promising either…

    I really hope it’s wrong, what’s left of the soil in my yard disappeared last week.


  3. OK let me think…would I rather be in Hawaii with its wet weather and average temperatures of 25C or freezing cold Britain in sub zero temperatures…hmmm difficult! 🙂


  4. Most definitely a clerical error on behalf of one of Santa’s elves if you ask me…..
    As for the rain measurement, whoever records and measures the rain for the newspaper here in Hilo must be doing it indoors…..the day that they recorded the 9+ inches I collected over 12″ at my house…


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