The Big Picture

The Big Picture excels at reporting news from around the world using the power of high quality photography to convey thought-provoking messages on the state of our world and society today and yesterday. Some of the best photography I have seen has been on this site and if you consider the war-torn and riot-ridden situations that these photo-journalists often find themselves in, that is even more remarkable.

Frossie pointed out to me today’s picture post of the riots in Greece these past two weeks. As someone with Greek heritage I found these images difficult to take in. I think everybody understands the grief and anger at the needless loss of a 15-year old boy’s life, but the reaction just somehow seems so over the top. Now I am left wondering “And now what? What was achieved? What was the point of that?”

I despair of the Greeks sometimes – to look at this and then to think that our ancestors helped to bring civilisation to this world…

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