Mirmilant Christmas!

Ok – it’s officially christmas in the mirmilant household:

The girls spent most of the morning decorating the new tree (except the lights, apparently that’s daddy’s job!) and the front of the house. And this evening, we put the lights on, lit some candles and I decided to put the camera on a tripod and experiment with the lighting and some long exposure shots.


5 thoughts on “Mirmilant Christmas!”

  1. I enjopyed the U-tube video with Hitler raging about
    the expense of the Cannon dx3 camera. Was he raging
    because the camera was taking only jpg and not RAW?
    By the way your house looks very nice with its Xmas


  2. No the camera takes jpeg and RAW – he was raging at the expense. All Nikon did was take their $4000 D3 model and put a larger CCD in it – the same CCD that Sony have in their A900 for $3000 – and charge $8000 for it. All other features seem to be the same between the D3 and D3X.


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