Hawaiian snowman

Snow arrived on Mauna Kea as reported in the post below and by Tom. Some neighbours of ours actually drove up to collect some snow in their trunk. This is a tradition here as soon as the snows come in the winter. You see many trucks going up to the summit. The people get out and shovel snow into the back of their trucks (or trunks of cars as in the case of our neighbours!) with their tees, shorts and flip-flops, and then drive back down before it all melts!


Mira decorated our one beautifully, complete with hula skirt, flower behind the ear and hat to protect from the sun!

3 thoughts on “Hawaiian snowman”

  1. How long did the snowman survive? Any pictures of sludge with a sunhat on top? 😉

    Incidentally, I played around with Hugin this morning. It rocks!



  2. Tom – It lasted most in the main for about an hour. Mira then turned it into a small dog (well, just a dog’s head) – it looked just like snoopy!

    We then went out for the evening – the Ballet in Hilo !! – and by the time we got back it was just a puddle.

    Hugin is good isn’t it – well, come on then, show us…


  3. My father was a Peanuts fan hence I was as well. I still remember the stories of Snoopy being so depressed when his befriended snowmen would melt! Then he’d eat the carrot that was the snowman’s nose.

    I’m working on the Hugin stuff – my photos are so crap it’s having a hard time, but I’ve got a summit view on my blog now – the panorama extended a little more to the east but even Hugin can’t deal with my choice of exposure time over there.

    The Hilo Bay panorama I’m working on is a real treat. The road block signs add a real touch of cheapness. Still, it’s good practice!



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