Poll results and a new theme

So, following more than a week of the poll on readability that I was running here, the results are in. In the end, 64% of you thought that the readability of the font size and colour etc was fine. But that means that 36% of you didn’t. That’s a third of you that bothered to vote. So, to try and make everybody happy – apart from me as I really liked the old theme – I’ve decided to change to a new theme which I hope will be agreeable to all.

So here it is.


8 thoughts on “Poll results and a new theme”

  1. I preferred the old theme, but I’m a grumpy old man these days and I wouldn’t be happy no matter what.

    In the old days we used to develop our own photos, raise cash to pay for the chemicals by washing cars, build our own dark room from the trash left in the yard, and the kids today….


  2. I actually didn’t vote..’cause the pics just look..sexier, if you will, on the dark background..and the text looks much better here. I s’pose one could conduct a, “Which aspect of my blog causes you to check it out: the photographs or the text?” (Then there’s the CSS tweaking of fonts-possibility..I inadvertently got different fonts to appear on my, http://islandnotes.wordpress.com/ by importing text from MS WORD..don’t know if that was some fluke..my theme ‘Ocean Mist’ looks pretty good for what I’m going for..however font’s such as this ‘Cutline’-theme just stick out nicely. (It’s probably not a coincidence that most newspapers have pretty much stuck with white background..I think the guy that went for a black background probably got into some other business, heh..)


    1. I agree with you – I would have preferred to keep the old theme as it looks better for photos, and just make the fonts bigger to make the text more readable. I tried to change the CSS to adjust the font size and found a combination I was happy with, but then when it came to implementing it for the blog, I discovered that wordpress actually charge you for the benefit of making CSS changes (they’ll let you look at a preview, but you have to buy ‘credits’ to implement the changes). I suspect, that I will continue to experiment with the different themes that they have on offer…


  3. Ya. They ain’t dummies about turning a buck. Actually, I coughed up 20 of them to be able to put mp3 files on my site. Seems like a bargain to me. Anyway, after sitting down to the MacNeil/Leher News show, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t mention that their news program was coming almost totally from a dark ‘letterbox’ frame..and it makes good sense. I mean, imagine if that background in our heads was draped in raging white..it’d get lame after a while..
    Shoot, you sound like an astronomy kind of guy..why not serve up one phase, say when your waxing and one when we’s a wanin’?


  4. IslandNotes – that’s a cool idea, to change the brightness of the background with the current phase of the moon! I wish I had the wherewithal to do it though…

    Sophia – I’m on a hunt for a new theme…

    Tom – I’ve always looked forward to getting old and being a grumpy old git. I don’t feel that old, but I do feel like a grumpy old git at times… what does that mean?


  5. I think you’re only a year younger than me, so it’s coming soon for you – you’ll find out then!

    I really like this new theme, you’ve got it just right!


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