Swimming weekend

I said that I’d had a quiet weekend blog-wise as we were away in Kona for a two day swimming event. Mira swims for the Hilo Aquatics Swimming Club (HAQ) also knows as “The Poi Dog Paddlers”! That’s a great name and emphasizes the mix of cultures that the club celebrates and the feeling of ohana that permeates the team.

Having made the Long Course State Championships last summer, Mira was aiming to qualify again for the Short Course State Champs in two weeks time, but having only just aged-up in the last two weeks, the new times she needed were out of reach this time. But to her total credit, she continued her good progress (after a shaky start to the season) and has her sights on the summer Champs.

Here she is with dad having a little snack between events.

Mira and dad being a bit silly between events
Mira and dad being a bit silly between events

2 thoughts on “Swimming weekend”

  1. It’s what swimmers do!

    At the beginning of the meeting, the events, heats and lanes are published on a wall. Each swimmer (not the parents, not the coaches) are responsible for knowing which events they are entered for, which heats and which lanes they are swimming in. If they miss their slot they get a “Dairy Queen” – DQ = disqualified. They all get a big black pen and write the details on their arms and legs.


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