Expert advice on making high-res panoramics

My favourite scientist-who-should-be-a-pro-photographer is Jao van de Lagemaat (you can find his blog on my side-links). He has also started to contribute to O’Rielly’s Inside Lightroom blog. In the latest post, Jao blogs about making high resolution landscapes with a low-resolution DSLR. There is some really good advice in there (not sure that climbing onto the roofs of snow covered huts at 12,000 ft is requistite, but it helped in the example given).

I was also pleased to discover that Jao is a user of hugin, which I talked briefly about in a previous post, and will likely post about in future ones. Jao has a smugmug page set up showing some of his panoramic images which is really well worth a look. There is some excellent work there, and the lesson to take away from it (and what I have to learn) is that panoramics do not have to be linear, long and thin. Explore all dimensions available…


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