A poll on readability

A trusted and beloved family member has been complaining at me advising me on the font colours in this blog. The opinion is that the grey words are too hard to read against the dark background. Not wanting to disappoint in the first week of this new adventure of mine, I thought I would poll the readers on what they thought (and I really wanted to have an excuse to use this poll feature!!). Here it is:

Of course, I’m opening myself up here. My fragile ego is in your hands gentle reader. The reality could be that my ramblings are read (or merely looked at if koumera is correct) by just three people – at least we’ll get a result that way.

In the spirit of fairness (or something) I promise not to vote or rig the result in any way.

6 thoughts on “A poll on readability”

  1. The colours are fine, but sometimes I have to increase the font size by one step in my browser to make it a little easier to read. Maybe I’m just getting to that age.

    Of course I would never admit to reading your blog in public…


  2. I agree with Tom here. The colour is fine, it is the size of the font that is causing a little discomfort…not sure if I am ready to accept the “getting to that age” reasoning however…

    Sophia 🙂


  3. I think Brad means that he didn’t read it under your theme, so the question did not apply 🙂

    It’s okay at home in the dark – it’s the well-lit office that is the problem. I know what you are going to say now – don’t read blogs in the office…


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